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Becky Tugen

I believe everyone has the ability to heal from the inside out, given the correct tools and guidance.

Becky Tugen

Customer Experience Specialist & WELLness Guide

As a wellness guide and chronic health survivor, I will use my years of research studying and exploring natural health modalities along with personal experience to help you on your healing and wellness journey. I will help you explore and navigate different avenues for healing, prioritize where to start, and develop a plan for sustained wellness.

I have always had the unique ability to listen to my body and tune into what it is telling me via the symptoms it is presenting. I will help you learn how to tune into those cues and decode what they are expressing to you. We will work together as a team, explore your needs, and search together to find the service or practitioner that resonates with you. I want you to know that I will listen to you, validate YOUR personal experience, and help you in any way I can to avoid the years of misery I walked.

I have had a lifetime of chronic illness, including Lyme disease, multiple co-infections, mold illness, EBV(mono), POTS, debilitating/chronic pain post motor vehicle accident, just to name a few. In 2015, my world turned upside down when I could not work anymore, was bed-bound, on a whopping 17 prescriptions, and applied for and was approved for social security disability. Those events, however, led to the blessing of finding the time and energy to learn that Western medicine was keeping me sick. I then had the time to research and try other available modalities to begin slowly finding success in healing.

My areas of interest in natural healing include homeopathy, emotion/body code, tapping, somatics, and HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis). At LiveWell, I get the opportunity to share my heart with each of you who walk through the door to help you experience the peace and love within the walls of the most beautiful healing environment and TEAM I have ever experienced.

Outside of serving our community at LiveWell, you can find me getting my hands dirty in the garden, sitting in my yard with bare feet on the ground, soaking up the sun, and making fresh juice daily. I love to float down the river or explore a lake in my kayak. I also can often be found reading, singing, and doing 1000-piece puzzles. The mountains are my happy place to go with my husband of over 30 years. We have 2 wonderful daughters who have blessed us with four of the most beautiful, fun, loving, and energetic grandchildren!

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