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Friends in Nature


Your mental health is a big part of your overall wellness, impacting how you think, feel, and act. It can determine how you respond to stress, make decisions, and have relationships.


Root Health Holistic Therapy is a combination of talk therapy and whole-being healing which works on all levels of consciousness; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to get to the root cause and heal the pain from people's past or perceived future that may be presently still affecting them today. 


Making interventions on any facet of one's health can imrpve the whole, and that is why we incorporate a variety of methods in our treatment to best suit the client according to needs, preferences, personality traits, and season of life while helping you to feel safe enough to explore and express. Root Health Therapy helps to create a healthy alliance between mind, body and spirit - empowering clients to start setting goals and practicing new behaviors that will enable them to move beyond their limitations and discover greater life satisfaction.


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