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“True Health Begins Within”

When you need guidance along your HEALing Journey.
The LiveWELL Healing Practitioners are here to SERVE you!
Pictured top to bottom: Christine, Ginny, Laura, Rachel, Becky, Alexis, Jeannine
We strive to help identify the root cause rather than focusing on specific physical symptoms to guide you on a 360 journey of mental, emotional and physical health. LiveWell goes beyond conventional medicine and guides you to explore evidenced based healing modalities that will AWAKEN your Soul through….
Body Massage

Bodywork has been used to improve health and wellness for thousands of years and defined as any of a number of therapeutic or simply relaxing practices that involve the manipulation, massage, or regimented movement of body parts. Bodywork techniques offer enormous benefits with almost no side effects. They can help your body heal faster, mobilize systems that are ‘stuck’, and improve your quality of life significantly. At LiveWell you will find the following bodywork techniques:


Lymphatic Drainage

Massage Therapy



Holistic medicine strives to achieve balance in all areas of a person’s life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We believe that every person should have the access and ability to be their own healer at home.


Our goal at LiveWell is to empower you with alternative options when faced with common health ailments to keep you out of the hospital. Natural healing remedies are easy-to-use, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective.


We strive to bring the whole person into balance through the following services:

Functional Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Mental health is essential to living a balanced life and just as important as tending to physical health. It encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being.

When we experience a physical illness or dissonance/block in our mental, emotional or energetic fields, it is our system messaging the requirement to change perspectives and take action to allow a movement into wholeness.

We are designed to self-heal, but you may need support in the How. If you start to feel like your emotional and mental health is starting to impact you, it may be time to reach out for extra support.


Our team at LiveWELL all work from an energy healing framework to best meet your emotional and spiritual care needs which can lead to physical healing, reduction of pain, and personal growth.   Sessions can include and be a blend of evidence-based techniques including:

Emotion Code

Root Health Counseling

Reiki Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing

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