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How to HEAL the LiveWELL Way

SOAR is the acronym we use to help you HEAL mind, body and spirit. It becomes a way of life to uncover the root of all sufferings and achieve Wholeness. You are NOT limited by your genes, your upbringing, your education or any other set of circumstances.

YOU are NOT the victim of Life. you are the CREATOR of your LIFE
and Live according to your heartfelt desires. You are the master of your own wellbeing.

You are your own Best Healer



One of the most important changes we can make is to shift from seeing surrender as a sign of defeat, to seeing it as a land of victory inside ourselves. There is no real peace, happiness, or joy without surrender.
SURRENDER reveals everything you will ever need to know about when to let go versus when to assert control.

Let go to


Open your heart and open your mind to new things, new ways, new learning. The only constant in nature is change. We are ALWAYS in motion. To change our circumstances physically, we must begin by changing them mentally, focusing our mind on a specific idea, thereby nurturing the idea.

Be OPEN to change


Dropping the resistance is an oportunity to heal. You must STOP beating yourself up for what you did not know yesterday, and ACCEPT that your only way to grow is by accepting what is. Life is arising with an invitation for you to adapt, adjust and transform. The more you embrace this possibility, the more we flow with life.

Go with the FLOW


Have the confidence and courage to rediscover the power within you to HEAL yourself. Recognize that you may need guidance to bring your whole being back to peace, health and balance. This nurturing community will help bring you back into harmony, RESTORE you to health and heal your wounds. You deserve to SOAR and LiveWELL again!

Renew the





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