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Life is busy. Responsibilities, wants and desires pull us in many directions. The competitive struggle can be daunting. The ambition to succeed and the eagerness to please, or even make ends meet, can be suffocating. Even with all this, it’s not difficult to find a sanctuary for being calm and at peace. And that can help you live well.

After the pandemic lingered, Alexis Schneider observed that people were clamoring for connection. Through the chaos, people still wanted to be able to live well, and that’s where the story begins...

Our Founder shares her breast cancer experience

Alexis Schneider, a mental health therapist in Lansing, knows firsthand how extremely taxing cancer can be on your body and mind. At 33-years-old in 2014, she was diagnosed with stage three triple-negative breast cancer.


But thanks to Sparrow's team of highly skilled surgeons, oncologists, and caregivers, she's now been cancer free for nearly a decade. Alexis now spends her days helping others through their own cancer fight and to better cope with survivorship. 

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