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The day I lost my hair after 2nd chemotherapy treatment in 2014


Let me start my story by telling you where I am today: I’m on a mission to unlock the potential and power to HEAL. And I do it by helping people CONNECT to healing practitioners, practices and programs to best support whole-being health and wellness.

I’m passionate about Healing, because for much of my life I struggled with chronic health conditions that left me feeling helpless and hopeless. Throughout my teens and beyond, my health issues were related to my head including migraines, allergies, and sinusitis. With more than 15 debilitating migraines a month, I had difficulty looking beyond the chronic pain.

After working with a neurologist, taking every drug on the market to treat them, and still suffering, I felt hopeless about the future. After one-year of treatment and limited results, I chose to leave the medical practice and stopped taking all the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

I "surrendered" to the unknown and took a different route to treat my pain holistically because I couldn't live the way I had been any longer. I began connecting with alternative practitioners and natural remedies to support me in my own healing. I had no idea that this knowledge and connection would be needed just a few years later when my world was shaken to the core.


In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer at the age of 33 during one of the busiest times of life. With 2 kids under the age of 5, full time work in non-profit advocacy, I didn't have time for the "C" word.

chemo impact image 5_14.jpg

Feeling alone; overwhelmed by treatment choices; demands and information regarding treatment, I didn’t feel like I had a choice and was part of my cancer treatment plan. Left feeling completely helpless and disempowered, I prayed for answers and “someone” to show me the way to achieve my desired outcomes. Being the outspoken disability advocate that I was, even I was left powerless because of fear. I had forgotten all the research and holistic knowledge from my migraines and was too scared to do anything but listen to the Doctors.  I wanted a better way to treat cancer, more options to choose from, decisions that could have been given more time to process, and increased access and knowledge about complementary / alternative medicine to be used along with conventional care.

sparrow cancer 6.jpg

Celebrating last day of chemotherapy after 5 hard months (Sept 2014)

While receiving chemotherapy one day, I heard a voice whisper to me that this experience was going to change me for the better and not the bitter. I had to fully experience all the facets that cancer brought about and find others to connect with along the process so I embarked on finding my tribe of other young breast cancer survivors and started a support group for women under 40.

sparrow cancer 9.jpg

I am a SURVIVOR and Cancer FREE 

I went through a whole-body awakening setting out on a quest to find natural solutions to the damage that treatments left behind after my conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) were complete. I sought out the best mind, body, spirit healers and slowly began the transformative process of healing. I believe people very badly need practitioners with the knowledge, wisdom and courage to blend the best of Western & Eastern medicine to the advantage of those under their influence.


Transforming ~ The Lotus that grew out from the mud to Become

While hearing all the stories and struggles from my fellow survivor sisters, I decided to open up a private therapy practice, Lotus Life Counseling in 2015. Pulling from all my own personal experience and my own continued love for learning, I became certified as a professional integrative cancer coach to better support my clients with complementary and alternative medicine that I wish would have guided my treatment path.


We all survive something in this life whether it be a sudden illness, disability, abuse, trauma or even cancer. Central to my purpose, I use my own suffering by melding my pain into a force much larger than myself. After surviving cancer and helping hundreds move through cancer empowered, I began to connect with other amazing healers. I grew my private practice and wanted my clients to have access to additional healing modalities all under one roof.

fam pic 20_2.jpg

My beautiful blessings 2020 family picture

For me, cancer changed everything. It generated my growth. It taught me the essence of gratitude and living in the moment with intention. I adore the generosity of strangers. It defined my calling and refined my purpose as a counselor. It gave me the opportunity to offer hope to those who have lost theirs. I found my courage and resilience.  If you have gotten this far into my story, it should help reinforce the path that you are embarking on and the role that LiveWell may play in your healing journey.  LiveWell is here helping you release your fears, grow, discover, learn and awaken during life’s most challenging storm.

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