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Body Massage



Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session is designed to detoxify your body with just the right combination of techniques and level of pressure. It’s important to understand how the lymphatic system works. It’s your body’s built-in detoxifier, working hard to get rid of ‘waste’, such as bacteria and excess fluid. Sometimes the system needs a little extra help to effectively cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. The goal of a lymphatic drainage massage is to give it a ‘reboot’, so it can work more efficiently.

The bodywork session consists of precise, skilful release technique that moves stagnant ‘waste’ towards the lymph nodes, of the limbs, abdomen, and back which makes it easier for your body to eliminate the toxins – and fast. 

Everyone can benefit from a Lymphatic Drainage session, however some conditions that can benefit from lymphatic drainage the most include:  individuals with lymphedema following breast cancer surgery; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Fibromyalgia, Lipedema and/or Chronic venous insufficiency

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