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Shannon Smith

I became a Naturopath because I want to make sure that people do not have to face the ugly parts of healing alone.

Shannon Smith, LPN, NHP

Natural Health Practitoner 

As somebody who has experienced a long road of mental health struggles at the hands of our current medical model, I have a strong passion for natural modalities and supporting the body with the gifts that the Universe has provided to us; the way nature intended. I am a firsthand testimony to how efficiently the body can repair itself when given the appropriate nutrients and lifestyle practices it needs to thrive and not just survive. My goal is to share these resources and educate my clients so they can become empowered in their healing journey as well as having somebody alongside them encouraging them and keeping them accountable to their wellness goals.

Hi, I am Shannon, your Nurse turned Naturopath. After a decade of nursing and treating chronically-ill patients who lived on prescription medications and lead very unhealthy lifestyles (that I was not allowed to address). In addition, I was advising people on how to be healthy while functioning on nothing but prescription medications, coffee, and cigarettes. Of all the doctors I had been to for my mental health, not one of them asked me about my lifestyle, and all of them condoned the continuation (and addiction) of prescription drugs.

One day, I had a reaction to a new antidepressant, and I knew something had to change. I spent years going through trial and error to make healthier lifestyle choices to address my current mental and physical health needs and so began my continuing journey of natural health. 

This desire lead me to the path of training to become a board certified naturopathic doctor. With one year left of this journey, she is currently assisting the community in reclaiming their health through holistic modalities of: Bodywork Sessions including; lymphatic drainage, raindrop therapy, reflexology, reiki/healing touch and Neurological Organization Technique (N.O.T.) and Nutritional Consultations.

Outside of my natural health work, I am the lucky fur mom to two beautiful bundles of fluff that take up most of my attention and all of my heart. My family is everything to me. Our latest venture is turning our home into a mini homestead, and this year we are working to put in a large garden plot and learn canning so we can become more self-sufficient. This is going to be wonderful as I am obsessed with playing around in the kitchen and trying new recipes! We will be growing fresh herbs this year as well so we can continue making homemade salves, tinctures, and poultices; stay tuned for my future product line. 


My goal is to help all my clients to avoid the need to make as many mistakes along the way as I did. I hope to save people the time, effort, and frustration when looking to improve the quality of their life, and my experiences over the last decade make me well equipped to do just that. I can’t wait to work with you and share everything I can to help make your healing journey as smooth and effective as possible!


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