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Jeannine Batterson

I became a Shaman and Reiki Master to teach and assist others in their healing journey.

Jeannine Batterson, MA

Contemporary Shaman & Reiki Master Teacher

As a healer I channel universal energy to restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This restoration brings the body back to wellness.


During a healing session you will relax on the massage table and listen to peaceful music while I perform a hands on or above the body palm work. Universal energy will flow into your body and travel throughout to areas that need it. I will receive additional spiritual guidance on what you require next on your healing journey and will discuss it after your session. My clients experience peace and well being after following through on these recommendations.


I’ve been on a spiritual path my entire life. After retiring from 33 years of teaching I was called to pursue Shamanism and Reiki and hold certifications both as a Contemporary Shaman Practitioner & and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I love sharing what I have learned along the way in the classes that I teach at Livewell. Teaching groups and individuals ways to move forward on a spiritual path fills me with great joy! This amazing work makes my soul sing!

When I am not serving clients, you may see me walking my dog Feather, giving gratitude to Mother Earth, putting together puzzles or paint by numbers, and spending quiet time with my husband.

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