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Jessi Floyd

I Became an Energy Practitoner Because I Received Life Altering Results and Couldn't Wait to Share

Jessi Floyd

Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotion code is an energy healing modality and all matter is energy, including our bodies and emotions. It is an incredible healing modality not many people know about. Each client has emotional layers of trapped emotions. The frequency of these emotions can cause levels of dysfunction and even dis-ease within the body. As an Emotional Code Practitioner, I am able to release these emotions by tapping into the client’s subconscious. I love setting the intention with my client about what can be worked on during their session.  I can work on something specific or general depending on my client’s needs.

One can benefit from an Emotion Code Session and feel immediate relief from the emotional baggage/weight one carries. Releasing emotions through emotion code allows the body to process certain trauma experienced in life and helps restore balance.


I have been using Emotion Code in my everyday life for the past two years. It has been abundantly transformative for myself, my family and my clients. My business got started after I went through the most trying and darkest part of my life. After my father passed away, I lost a part of me and my light turned off. I know I was meant to go through that dark period of my life for a reason. I learned so much about myself and it inspired me to heal. Emotion Code has been a huge part of my healing and I know I am being called to be a vessel for other people’s healing journey. It lights my soul in the best way to be able to help others heal and create a healthy balance within.

I find so much joy in connection to people, whether its family, friends or a random person in the store, having a soul connection and making someone smile lights me up! I love being a mom to my three adventurous kids. We love exploring together, camping, taking walks in the woods. I am at my most peace when I am out in nature or swimming in the lake. When I have a moment to myself I love meditating , journaling , drumming and being active.

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