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Combining the Healing Power of Terahertz and PEMF

"The future of medicine will be machines & frequencies." ~Albert Einstein


A revolutionary leap in the field of health and medicine! 

Bioelectromagnetic technology involves the application of specific electromagnetic frequencies to cells within the body. These frequencies are carefully selected to have a positive impact on cellular functions. The underlying principle is that cells are sensitive to electromagnetic signals and can respond to them in various ways. When these beneficial frequencies are applied, several key health-enhancing effects are observed. 





Through TeraHertz and PEMF combined Tech, this NEW device penetrates the body up to 20 – 30 centimeters beneath the skin's surface. Terahertz align with the NATURAL frequency of human cells, creating millions of vibrations each second, thus triggering the body's innate self-healing capabilities. Add in NIR and heat… as elevated blood temp increases bioavailability of the waves at a cellular level. These waves induce promoting natural healing processes, a return to cellular and systemic homeostasis without taxing the liver


How does the THz Tera-P90 Work?

With the Olylife Terahertz P90, there's an incredible synertistic effect where the low frequency PEMF keeps you grounded and relaxed while the high frequency of THz repairs at a high frequency level.  It aligns the frequency with that of human cells to emit highly precise terahertz waves ranging from 8 to 1000 micrometers. Your getting double the energy, for combined powerful effects. Essentially, this device functions as a 'cell charger' for the human body, effectively replenishing bioenergy.​

​Get ready to harness the power of geomagnetism with the ONLY devise to offer THZ and PEMF in ONE!


  • Damaged and/or unhealthy cell conditions (creates cell death/Apoptosis) with new healthy cell growth inducing STEM cell production.

  • Inflamatory Conditions: Heart Disease, Autoimmune, Diabetes, Weight Gain.

  • Mental Health including: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD.

  • Stress, adrenal fatigue, coritsol issues, hormonal health

  • Brain Issues including TBI, Seizures, Strokes.

  • Sleep distrubances, insomnia.

  • Circulation issues like Neuropathy, chronic Pain, vericose veins.

  • Osteopathic Conditions by stimulating bones to promote marrow production, bone density, cartilage & collagen repair. 

​CONDITIONS Tera-P90 Supports

3 Day Device Rental for the
whole family 

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We are excited to offer serveral options for you to experience this revolutionary technology. 

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Pretty simply put, there is nearly no health condition you can name that this device can't help support you in some way, shape, or form.
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